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finding the time to blog

Finding the time to blog – part one

I must start this blog with an apology – it has been a while since my last post.

Unfortunately, a little thing called ‘life’ with all of its demands, challenges and commitments has meant I have had to sideline my writing and working on my other online businesses.

Over the past few weeks, I have been dragged into a important project at work that has gone ‘pear shaped’, had yet another bout of the flu, struggled to overcome a problem with my back, had visitors to stay and had to focus on finishing our renovations and unpacking (my life has been in boxes for nearly 3 years).

Most nights I got home exhausted but full of good intentions to finish and post another blog. In reality, what I did was collapse on the lounge, watch TV and tune out. Continue Reading

What type of blogger will you be?

In my last post, I mentioned that you don’t actually need to be an expert on a topic to start blogging on it and that experience is not essential to all topics, or issues or interests.

One of the worst things you can do when you are working thru the exercise of establishing what you are passionate about, is dismiss any topic because you are “not an expert”.

Of course, my warning about offering specialist advice such as medical support without the relevant qualifications, still stands – there are some topics or specialist areas that you should exclude yourself from.

Otherwise, it is important to remember, every so called ‘expert’ or blogger on any topic started as a novice – they were at exactly the same point you are at now – they had to start somewhere.

Experience not required, apply within

I will be honest and admit that I am the type of person who likes things to fit into nice, neat categories or ‘little boxes’. So, one of the first things I did when I started to investigate blogging was to search for a list of blog types.

I thought that I would find some definitive list that would help me figure it out: X type of blogger who posts X times per week or month.

Of course, what I found was that there is real no such thing as an ‘average blogger’.
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How to choose a topic to blog about

How to choose a topic to blog about…Bigstock Photography

As I started this new post, I went back and read the last one to ensure that my words and thoughts flowed from one to the other.

Okay, I will own up that I also gave into my perfectionist bent and re-read the last couple of posts and re-tweaked AGAIN.  I can’t help myself (more About Me).

What that did was make me question the order of my blog posts, as I am trying to document what I am doing and thinking in a logical order.

If you are reading this and already have a topic, issue or idea for your future blog, #3 Choosing the Right Blog Topic would have made sense.

However, what if you don’t? Or, what if you have too many ideas and need to refine them or decide on one to pursue?

The ‘chicken vs egg’ conundrum
So, which one should have come first? In the end, I left it as is as I believe that the readers of this blog will ultimately fall into two broad groups: Continue Reading

Do some planning before you start blogging

Do some planning before you start blogging

In my last blog I talked about how I had fallen victim to what I now refer to as the ‘Ta Dah effect’ – I had launched my first website/blog (well two websites), proudly showed some friends what I had done and then simply stopped.

I lost momentum because I had no clear plans for what I would do or write about after the excitement of the launch had faded.

And, the excitement of ‘going live’ didn’t last very long.

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Learning to Blog

Learning to Blog

A couple of months ago, I started my first blog. After weeks of agonising about what the site should look like, finding the perfect name, the colours, the logo and reading up on search engine optimisation, I finally went ‘live’.

Then, after a brief feeling of triumph (the Ta Dah! Effect), I almost immediately lost momentum and everything ground to the proverbial rapid halt. I had a ‘live’ website (well two actually), but I didn’t know what to do or write next.

What has followed is weeks of questioning whether I had what it takes to build a successful blog (and become the next blogstar) and trying to work out where things had gone so wrong. Continue Reading

Gather around and share your tales from the world of blogging

Gather around and share your tales from the world of blogging

Are you a new blogger or someone who is in the process of exploring the idea and the opportunities, but don’t know where to start?

There is a lot of information out there about how to build, market, grow and monetise a blog. Some offer help for free, some for a fee. Some of the information is great and very helpful, some not so.

As a ‘newbie’ blogger – how do you tell the difference between good and bad advice, and sort out fact from fiction when so much of the information or must do’s vary from source to source?

It is very easy to be confused, overwhelmed or follow the wrong path. Continue Reading